Youth Arts Awards

The Bathurst Arts Council / 2BS GOLD Youth Arts Awards are a well respected tradition established with 2BS Gold many years ago. The awards recognize our talented and creative local youth in all areas of the arts. Many of our past recipients have gone on to excel in their careers thanks in part to their recognition.

The award comprises media recognition and a $100 cash prize to be applied to the furthering of artistic endeavors of the individual. Award winners will be eligible for the 2BS Youth Arts Award Scholarship to be presented as part of the Bathurst Australia Day celebrations each year. The winner of this annual award will receive a $1000 Scholarship to be applied to a specific arts related opportunity. All winners are invited to participate in the Youth Arts Award annual Showcase Concert in Nov/Dec of each year at BMEC.

Find us on Facebook. Application forms can be downloaded here or requested by emailing the project coordinator.

The 2018 monthly winners of the 2BS Bathurst Arts Council Youth Arts Award performed or were represented at the Youth Arts Showcase, Monday 26 November 2018 at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre.

A huge thanks to young artist and 2017 YAA annual winner Will Hazard who donated a beautiful artwork as first prize for our raffle to raise funds for YAA. The raffle as drawn at the Showcase concert.

2018 monthly winners were: Hamish McIntyre, Mia Ryan, Anna McPhail, Erin Cobcroft, Madi Burns,
Lily Cole, Stella Hall, Harry Morrissey, Georgina Wills

The overall winner of the 2018 2BS Youth Arts Award was announced on Australia Day as a part of the
official Bathurst Regional Council celebrations. Three finalists were chosen – Hamish McIntyre, Mia
Ryan, Anna McPhail. Congratulations to 2018 scholarship winner: Anna McPhail.

Support the Youth Arts Awards
You can give your support to the Bathurst Youth Arts Awards through your annual membership to
Bathurst Arts Council. Membership fees contribute to the awards. 

Anna McPhail 2018 winner
I grew in my interest of music in the Blue Mountains area and have been
learning piano from an early age. My family moved to Bathurst in 2017 in
order to take up formal lessons at the Mitchell Conservatorium with Elena
Day-Hakker and I most recently completed my Certificate of Performance
exam in August. Through a year of invaluable tuition from Ms Day Hakker my
result came with High Distinction and I am very grateful for the richness of
my tuition which has afforded me opportunities to further my goal in sharing
beautiful music with many. Bathurst is a field of plains that shows support for
new talented Australian children and I am grateful to be one of them.

Youth Arts Awards Hall of Fame
Winner 2005/6 Ella Jamieson cello and piano

Winner 2006/7 Sarah Parsons theatre production
Winner 2007/8 Jane Cameron violin

Winner 2008/9 Mark Graham aerial ring
Winner 2009/10/11 monthly nominees only

Winner 2012/13 Tara Chan piano
Winner 2013/14 Liam Auhl voice

Winner 2014/15 Elliee Nunn aerial tissu
Winner 2015/16 Emma Russell trumpet

Winner 2016/17 Jason Massey dance
Winner 2017/18 Will Hazzard visual art

Winner 2018/19 Anna McPhail piano

Youth Arts Awards